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How do I maintain my roller guides?

To keep your rollers turning freely, always flush the entire guide (and tip-top) with fresh water each time you return to the dock. This will wash away the saltwater residue that can buildup between the roller and frame, and is all the short-term mai

How do I clean corrosion or rust from lack of maintenance off the guide or top frames?

Most surface corrosion or salt buildup can be cleaned from the guide or top frames using soap and water and gently polishing with a dry terry cloth towel. Some heavier corrosion can be cleaned using chrome polish or Colonite's metal polish. If the ru

Where can I get replacement parts for my AFTCO guides or tops, and are there specific sizes for each?

Replacement rollers, pins, bearings and screws are available for all AFTCO guides and tops, regardless of their age or condition. Most of the larger authorized AFTCO dealers, found in the dealer section of the website, can supply replacement assembli

I’m a custom rod builder and want to buy direct from AFTCO.

You can only buy AFTCO parts through dealers or trade distributors. Click here for our dealer locator.

Will your AFTCO rollers fit brand ------- roller guides.

Most likely not. However, please feel free to contact your local tackle store to find out what rollers/ bearings fit your roller guides. Click here for our dealer locator.

What’s the difference between RTL110 & RTS110?

The size of the top head and the roller.  “S” tops feature #1TR and smaller heads, while “L” tops feature #4TR and larger heads.

I bought a rod at the flea market. It says Super Slayer Tuna Special…can you tell me what rollers I need?

Unfortunately, we may not be able to answer that question without being able to hold the rod. Please feel free to contact your local tackle store on finding the right guides for you. Click here for our dealer locator.

Why does AFTCO offer L tops? Do I need a large "L" head top on my rods?

AFTCO makes L tops in several of the standard top sizes to give the angler additional knot clearance on a given size of a top. For example, we offer the 110-116 tops in "L" versions as the "L" head allows for around .015" extra clearance for larger l

Can I use wire line on my AFTCO guides and tops?

Yes, wire lines for deep trolling can be used on AFTCO guides, but a swivel top should be used to keep the wire on the top roller at all times. All wire lines are abrasive and will eventually damage AFTCO guides and rollers. Swivel tops help eliminat

What size of line can I use on AFTCO lightweight roller guides, and how do I know what sizes to buy?

AFTCO lightweight rollers are designed to handle standard monofilament lines up to 30lb test, but they will easily handle most braided lines up to 80lb test due to the smaller line diameters. The real limiting factor on the LW guides is the knot clea

Can I buy spare parts for swivel tops?

Yes, please contact your local tackle store on how you can get those parts. Click here for our dealer locator. For a full list of spare parts please refer to our catalog listed HERE.

What are ring roller tops and guides, and what are they used for?

AFTCO Ring Roller Guides and tops are standard tops and regular guides with a 5/8" diameter ring silver-soldered to the frame above the rollers. This ring allows large knot and swivel connections to be cast through the guides without a hangup. They a

Can I use Spectra or other super-braid lines with my AFTCO guides and tops?

Yes, we modified all the top rollers years ago to easily accept any of the small diameter super-braids. Even our older top rollers handle braid perfectly, but we made a slight change in the roller configuration to accommodate the lightest braids prac