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How do I maintain my roller guides?Updated 2 years ago

To keep your rollers turning freely, always flush the entire guide (and tip-top) with fresh water each time you return to the dock. This will wash away the saltwater residue that can buildup between the roller and frame, and is all the short-term maintenance required to assure that your roller guides will perform perfectly. Do not attempt to lubricate AFTCO roller guides with spray lubricants, as these chemical solvents will actually gum up the rollers and ultimately hinder their performance. Instead, we recommend a waterproof grease - such as Penn's® Blue International Lube - to be applied sparingly to the outsides of the bearings. AFTCO recommends that every year or two your roller guides and tops should be disassembled, cleaned and lubricated. After removing the pins and screws (using a #2 standard screwdriver on each side of the guide or top), all parts, including the inside of the frame, should be wiped clean with paper towels using a mild solvent or thinner. Then, lubricate the outside of the bearing (black) with a small amount of waterproof grease (not oil) before pushing it back into the roller. Finally, center the pins and screws and thoroughly tighten with the screwdriver. Any roller that only rolls when screws are loose should be checked for damage or epoxy rod finish buildup inside the guide frame.

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