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What size of line can I use on AFTCO lightweight roller guides, and how do I know what sizes to buy?

AFTCO lightweight rollers are designed to handle standard monofilament lines up to 30lb test, but they will easily handle most braided lines up to 80lb test due to the smaller line diameters. The real limiting factor on the LW guides is the knot clearance, which is only designed to handle double lines up to 30lb test. Heavier shock leaders up to 200lb test can be used on the LW guides as long as they are "wind-on-style" connections. Lightweight Roller Guides require very little maintenance due to their composite frames and pure titanium rollers and guards. A simple rinse with freshwater to remove salt build-up is all they'll ever need. AFTCO lightweight rollers also work great with the new braided "super-lines" because the roller turns with the line, eliminating running friction. Due to their relatively small diameter, braided lines up to 80lb test may be used with the lightweight rollers in situations where fish smaller than the line test are being caught, or when targeting bottom fish, halibut and other slow-moving species. All of the LW rollers are designed to fit a certain range of blank diameters. This needs to be considered when selecting rollers for a custom built rod. The LWGUIDE6, 5 and 4 will all fit just about any diameter of blank. The LWGUIDE3 will fit blank diameters from .170-.210", the LWGUIDE2.5 .140-.170", the LWGUIDE2 .100-.140" and the LWGUIDE1 .075-.100". The LW tops are also sized by 64ths", just like the larger tops. In most cases the LWGUIDE1 and the associated SLW tops are only used on the lightest freshwater rods.

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