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Why does AFTCO offer L tops? Do I need a large "L" head top on my rods?

AFTCO makes L tops in several of the standard top sizes to give the angler additional knot clearance on a given size of a top. For example, we offer the 110-116 tops in "L" versions as the "L" head allows for around .015" extra clearance for larger lines or knots. Most heavy stand-up tuna rods using Heavy Duty guides are equipped with "L" tops such as RTOPL112, RTOPL114, etc. All rods equipped with Big Foot and Wind-On guides should only use the 300 series tops, which all have .25" knot clearance which is the same as the guides. This will allow even the heaviest leaders and double lines to easily pass through the guides and tops on these rods. Tops for all AFTCO-guided rods should always be selected first by tube size (64ths of an inch), and secondarily for the size of line which will be used. For example, on a stand-up tuna rod rated 30-80lb line with a 12/64ths" top, if the rod will only be used for 50lb line, then the RTOP112 (standard head) would be the best choice. But, if the same rod were only going to be fished with 80lb line, then the RTOPL112 (large head) would be the best choice for extra knot clearance.

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