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Where can I get replacement parts for my AFTCO guides or tops, and are there specific sizes for each?Updated a year ago

Replacement rollers, pins, bearings and screws are available for all AFTCO guides and tops, regardless of their age or condition. Most of the larger authorized AFTCO dealers, found in the dealer section of the website, can supply replacement assemblies if they know the part numbers. All of the assemblies associated with AFTCO guides and tops can be found in the catalog after each guide or top listing. You will need to give your dealer the specific part number based on the size stamped right on the guide or top. Example: tops stamped "18" would take TROLLERA3, per the listing in the catalog, and guides stamped "31", "41" or "51" would take GROLLERA1. Guides or tops with gold roller assemblies require code "GLD" after the part number. In most cases dealers will only sell complete assemblies, but if you lose a screw it's probably time to replace the entire assembly anyway. For a list of replacement parts, click here.

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