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How do I sharpen my AFTCO Fillet Knife?

We suggest using a Wet Stone with two different grit ratings, a 1000 and a 4000. Start with using the 1000 grit stone while holding your knife at a 17 degree angle. Use a long sweeping stroke to sharpen the entire blade in one motion or an up and dow

Where AFTCO Products are made?

AFTCO stands for the American Fishing Tackle Company. We are a family-owned fishing tackle and apparel business with a 60+ year history of providing jobs in America and many of our tackle products are still produced at our U.S.-based machine shop loc

What Size Should I Buy?

Our Size Charts vary per style catering to the active or classic fisher person. Find out what size you are by checking out our size chart here.

Are all AFTCO hardware made in the U.S.?

All AFTCO rod part hardware are made in the US, with the exception of the SXHD guides which are machined overseas and finished and assembled in our factory with US made AFTCO rollers, pins and screws.

I have an AFTCO Star-Set from the 1980's. Can you tell me which reels this is compatible with?

Unfortunately we do not have information on these products since we have not made Star Sets for over 30 years and the reel applications have all changed.

Are the gloves sold as a set of two, left and right?

Yes! They are only sold as a pair.

What size handle or hook should I buy?

Handle lengths have a lot to do with boat size. Shorter gaffs are easier to store and handle, but their shorter length requires the gaffer to wait for a close, clean shot. Many boats have storage issues with gaffs longer than 6 feet. 4 – 6 foot handl

Can I still get an AFTCO reel seat or gimbal?

No, we have not made AFTCO reel seats or gimbals for 5 years and are out of stock.

How do I know what size my AFTCO Unibutt or Storabutt is and are they interchangeable within a given size?

Unibutts and Storabutts come in 4 basic sizes. The easiest way to check the size is to measure the diameter of the butt at the reel seat, either over the threads or in the area where the reel fits. Here are the outside diameters at the reel seats- #1

How do I tighten down the reel seat nuts on my Storabutt, Unibutt or reel seat to keep the reel from coming loose during the fight?

The reel should be placed in the hood slots and the 2 nuts tightened by hand. Once the reel is fairly snug it should be checked for alignment with the guides on the rod and if needed, adjusted accordingly. The nuts can then be tightened firmly by han

How should I rig my flying gaff?

AFTCO Flying Gaffs should be rigged with soft, 5/8" diameter, 3-strand nylon rope spliced directly to the hook eye. IGFA allows a maximum combined length of 25 feet of total rope and hook, but for most boats, the rope should only be as long as the fa

How do I adjust my fighting belt and harness?

AFTCO's belt and harness fish fighting system should always be pre-adjusted to fit the angler before the battle begins. The harness should be worn at the belt line, with the lower strap firmly under the angler's seat. The fighting belt should be susp