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How should I rig my flying gaff?Updated 2 years ago

AFTCO Flying Gaffs should be rigged with soft, 5/8" diameter, 3-strand nylon rope spliced directly to the hook eye. IGFA allows a maximum combined length of 25 feet of total rope and hook, but for most boats, the rope should only be as long as the farthest distance a crew member can reach with the gaff from its point of attachment to the boat. Flying gaff hooks should be tied in to the stainless attaching post on the aluminum handle using a single turn of 20 or 30lb line. The nylon rope should be stretched tight and passed around the end of the handle, through the gimbal, and back up past the second handle grip, where it can be secured with a couple of wraps of 1" masking tape. The rope should be gripped to the handles by the gaffer, and released as soon as the gaff hook is planted into the fish and breaks loose from the handle.

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