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How do I know what size my AFTCO Unibutt or Storabutt is and are they interchangeable within a given size?

Unibutts and Storabutts come in 4 basic sizes. The easiest way to check the size is to measure the diameter of the butt at the reel seat, either over the threads or in the area where the reel fits. Here are the outside diameters at the reel seats- #1 = .838", #2 = .970", #4 = 1.133", #6 = 1.336".

All of the parts regardless of age or color are interchangeable within their own size. Unibutts are available in black or silver bodies with any combination of hood and nut color; black, gold or silver. They are not available in other body colors due to the anodizing not being colorfast.

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