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How do I tighten down the reel seat nuts on my Storabutt, Unibutt or reel seat to keep the reel from coming loose during the fight?Updated 2 years ago

The reel should be placed in the hood slots and the 2 nuts tightened by hand. Once the reel is fairly snug it should be checked for alignment with the guides on the rod and if needed, adjusted accordingly. The nuts can then be tightened firmly by hand or with a fabric strap wrench, but never with metal water pump pliers or channel locks. Once the nuts are tightened, the butt of the rod should be tapped firmly on a carpeted floor or wood dock, and the nuts should be retightened. The reel clamp should then be put on the reel, the alignment should be checked a final time, and then the clamp nuts can be tightened.

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